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Computer Monitoring Software - Professional Edition Features

Software Features sets :

√ Records entire internet activities : Computer monitoring software records all keystrokes like email documents, visited websites, chat conversation, download files, installed programs and other key press activity in hidden mode.

√ Records clipboard activities : PC activity monitor program tracks all clipboard activities (copy/paste action) in order to know what external users are doing on your computer system.

√ Capture Windows screenshots : Business activity monitoring program takes Windows screen shots at regular interval of time that helps you to know what is performing on your PC behind your back.

√ Works in invisible mode : Internet monitor program can monitor internet activity records in undetectable mode so that anyone can’t detect it.

√ Saves your log files : System monitoring tool has ability to save your encrypted log files at specific location on your computer system for future references.

√ Records system information : PC monitoring systems monitor PC activity records such as system startup time, time settings and computer name to know startup time of Windows.

√ Send log files through FTP setting : Computer activity monitor programs records entire keystrokes in encrypted log files and send these files at specific email id through FTP setting.

√ Hot key and run command setting : Parental monitoring software provides hot key and run command setting option so that it can be easily view by enabling persons

√ Provide backup facility : Windows monitoring programs restores backup of all encrypted log files for future references.

√ Record Voice Chat Conversation : Web monitoring program easily records all voice chat conversation details performed by the external users on your PC.